Become an impact investor!

At 5to12 we welcome you as a direct investor into our project portfolio and enable you to fully utilize the benefits as an equity investor without the obligations to handle all company issues on daily basis. As an investor into “Genussrechte” you are virtually a co-owner, and you will participate on the profits of 5to12 as our visions become reality and energy becomes a real tradable good – a commodity!


5to12 Events

1st Fundraising event of 5to12 will take part on 15.09.2023

5to12 Family

As investor of 5to12 you are part of our family and will benefit from early subscription rights early bird information flows.                                                                              

5to12 News

5to12 has currently 2 new instruments offered as investments. 


Institutional investors

5to12 is able to also cooperate with institutional investors that are seeking sustainable, fully ESG compliant, strong cash flow bearing and fully maintained and managed assets for significant yield enhancements. Please contact us to place your interest and request a dedicated appointment to validate your goals with our abilities!


Digital energy assets

5to12 sees digitalization as a real democratization tool even for energy. It is our aim, to enable anyone to buy his virtual power plant share and receive the financial benefits of this production site. In a follow-up step, 5to12 plans to offer a netting procedure with our dedicated customers, so that the effective energy bill is reduced significantly while using your own virtually produced energy yourselves!


5to12 Donation

At 5to12 we see it as a destination to combine investments with gratitude and hence are committed to donate 10% of our revenues generated with our visions and you as investors to the vulnerable ones. We have cherry picked philanthropic organizations in all our markets where every investor can donate upon his own discretion some part of his earnings and combine phantastic yields with social responsibility!