Energy prices came way back – time to buy into?

Within 5to12`s core regions – Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Austria – we have see a fast and steady retreat from day ahead auction energy prices as reported on the website with data provided by Fraunhofer- Institut für
Solare Energiesysteme ISE .

Prices per kWhe are hoovering around the 10 Cents mark with
old anomalies coming back – negative prices on weekends
when the sun is shining and hence PV is producing excess
energy – but still prices show a nice premium compared to 2020.

It is our strong believe, that electricity generated by renewables
is our survival key. Any new generating resource will be shortly absorbed by any means such as batteries in EV`s for driving
and storage, hydrogen production within Europe and as the general resource to keep economies afloat! We are expecting
a steady and above average demand side that might fail to be covered because of poor infrastructure being in place.

Our core focus is currently placed on Greece – steadily improving government financials pared with strong tourism figures and a related strong demand for energy. That`s why we are constantly looking for new investment opportunities that meet our criteria and be prepared to quickly decide if it’s a Win-Win-Win situation!

Our 5to12 Wins are:

Producing renewable where we substitute high CO2 emissions.

Utilize as much as possible within Europe and only use barren soil.

Reach a real investment case for any type of investor – from professionals to retail!

The facts:

Comparison in day-ahead auction prices on daily basis between Austria and Greece show a higher volatility in Austria vs. a nearly steady premium for Greek energy prices.

Some quick figure crunching on the spread, Greece vs. Austria!

Europe – where could we quickly improve our CO2 footprint? In 5to12`s core regions!

At 5to12 we have share the vision to reach a CO2 neutral production and consumption pattern that helps keeping our planet a wonderful world!

Despite searching for exoplanets we should focus on the things we have – our planet Earth!

The graphic shows the current electricty map of parts in europe and their respective CO2 emissions either on production or on consumption side. We at 5to12 believe that making a difference is were we could reach the highest efficiency and as we are PV addicted we clearly turn to the south and develop, build and operate PV parks that are small to medium sized, decentralized and built on barren soil!

On 07.07.2023 Greece is producing its Energy with 292g CO2/kWh compared to currently 46g CO2/kwh in Austria – we should decrease where we could reach the highest efficiency!

At 5to12 we target to become an active part of the necessary european energy transition path and support where we see our best matches! After 15 years into the renewable business as private equity investor, module producer, distributor, project developer, investor, entrepreneur and change addicted people we promote technical know-how, regional expertise and financial experience to generate above average returns and have a long term prospect for investors!

Below, please find the prove for our photovoltaic installations in 5to12`s core regions, south Italy, Greece and Cyprus. Why?

Well, the production pattern is a natural fit to the consumption pattern and as a side effect, we are substituting existing energy production with a significantly higher CO2 footprint than in central Europe. We combine the need with the highest possible production rate and highest CO2 substitution rate.

Assuming that photovoltaic energy plants are assumed as a “commodity business” the usage of our resources must be

optimized wherever possible.

Our analysis of PV parks in the last 10+ years showed that a well built and maintained park is producing above expectations. The real time data of various parks throughout Greece and Cyprus allows us to develop new projects based on these findings and hence sustainably increase investment value and output.

5to12 has a commitment to the below shown area.

With a productivity in average higher by 40-50% compared with central Europe we are clearly focusing the core region with the aim to use Austrian and European components where possible without increasing the construction costs significantly. Being connected to regional utilities and corporate energy customers enables us to optimize the consumption of our renewable energy and the commercial output for investors!